Spanish is the first language—first star—in our StellaLingua constellation. We are launching our Spanish version to meet the highest demand in the United States today.

StellaLingua is the easiest way to learn Spanish online

And we’re already soliciting our users’ input and opinions on the next star to add to our constellation — Mandarin Chinese? Italian? German? Arabic? French? Let us know what you’d like to learn next.

Who We Are

StellaLingua is a small company with a big idea. We're dedicated to making language learning easily accessible and affordable for all. We constantly strive to improve our product and we welcome reviews and suggestions from our users.

We believe that widespread acquisition of new languages opens up the world to all of us, fosters confidence and discovery and enjoyment, and, ultimately, benefits humanity. We the founders of StellaLingua intend to contribute to that cause.


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